SIMPLY BOTTLES is a Plastic Bottle recycling campaign working with Businesses, Schools, Non-Profits and Consumers to increase the recycling of water bottles across the United Arab Emirates. Creating awareness, educating about plastic waste and recycling, the program provides participants with a practical solution to plastic collection for recycling.
Simply Bottles is a joint initiative with DGrade (UAE) and Closed Loop (Australia/UK).
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The Issue

Around 2.75 billion plastic bottles produced in the U.A.E annually with current recycling rates below 6%. 0
50% of camels die in the U.A.E. from ingesting plastic. 0
• UAE has one of the highest consumption rates of bottled water per person in the world, averaging 275 bottles per person per year!
• Lack of consumer awareness for the need to recycle plastic.
• Lack of recycling infrastructure due to fluctuating rates for raw material output.
• Landfill at full capacity.
• It is estimated there will be more plastic (tonnage) in the sea than fish by 2050.

Why Take Part?

• Help meet Dubai Plan 2021 objectives to divert 75% of all waste from landfill.
• Educate, inspire, include and encourage the next generation to recycle.
• Raise awareness for environmental sustainability through behavioural change.
• Create a local market and infrastructure for recycled PET.
• Meet organisational sustainability goals.
• Play a part in helping to drive a circular economy.
• Significantly reduce plastic waste-to-landfill and increase recovery rate of plastics in the U.A.E.

We Need Your Plastic Bottles

Join the Simply Bottles initiative as a School or Member, click below for more information: