A Practical Solution to Plastic Pollution

Plastic pollution has become a major concern across the world as it pollutes land and oceans and takes up landfill. The problem is it can take thousands of years for plastic to degrade so it’s a problem that continues to increase. The good news is that plastic was invented to be recycled and through Simply Bottles your plastic water bottles will be recycled into clothing.

Simply Bottles works with schools, businesses, events and other organisations to increase recycling rates of PET plastic water bottles in the UAE through education and recycling campaigns. Currently less than 6% of plastic is recycled in the UAE – our goal is to significantly increase recycling rates and to play a key role in reducing PET to landfill and plastic pollution in the UAE.

Simply Bottles focuses on recycling PET1, which are mainly plastic water bottles. This is one of the most commonly used plastics and it is the type of plastic required for recycling into yarn.

Why Take Part?
    • Increase recycling rates of plastic water bottles in the UAE
    • Help achieve UAE Vision 2021 objective to divert 75% of all waste from landfill
    • Reduce plastic pollution
    • Play a part in helping to drive a circular economy
    • Help meet your organisational CSR goals
    • Raise awareness for environmental sustainability through behavioural change
    • Educate, engage and inspire others to recycle
Simply Bottles for Businesses & Events

Whether you’re a corporate office, hotel, event or leisure park in the UAE, join the Simply Bottles initiative and we will work with you to ensure your plastic bottles are recycled. Our programs range from basic plastic collection to full packages which include CSR activities to promote sustainability and engage your employees.

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DGrade can also produce corporate uniforms, clothing, backpacks, sport kit etc. from the plastic waste collected according to your design specifications. For more information contact [email protected]

Simply Bottles for Schools

Simply Bottles works with schools in the UAE to educate, engage and equip children to recycle plastic water bottles. By participating in this initiative schools will help children better understand the impact of pollution and the benefits of recycling.

The goal is for participating schools to create their own recycling centres, enabling children to directly contribute to a circular economy – creating a lasting impact on children that they can make a difference.

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How it Works

  • Liaise with your school appointed Simply Bottles ambassador
  • Present at your school to speak about plastic pollution, how plastic is recycled into yarn and how the initiative works
  • Invite schools to participate in plastic recycling education and clean-up events
  • Run competitions and challenges relating to recycling and sustainability
  • Provide transparent bin liners and arranges collections

DGrade can work with schools to produce uniforms, backpacks, sport kit etc. according to your specifications from plastic waste collected. For more information contact [email protected]

Participating Schools