SIMPLY BOTTLES School Program Proudly Sponsored by Oasis

The SIMPLY BOTTLES Campaign draws on the success of the DGrade Plastic Challenge pilot schemes, which took place in the region over the past 2 years and is available to a maximum of 50 schools based in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.
The aim of the Campaign is to educate, encourage and equip the young generation to recycle plastic and to highlight the environmental benefits of doing so.
The goal is for all schools to create their own recycling centres which will divert waste from landfill and contribute to the creation of a circular economy.
Plastic has been around since the 1950’s and every piece that has ever been produced is still on the planet today – because plastic does not degrade and therefore it does not go away!
Schools will compete in a challenge to collect plastic which is then recovered by SIMPLY BOTTLES and recycled into fabric to make items of clothing, including school uniforms.

The winning school for the Plastic Challenge will be that which collects the most amount of plastic. In addition there are lots of other prizes and competitions run throughout the campaign which starts this September and finishes in July 2018.

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