Recycling with Simply Bottles

10 million water bottles are produced every day in the UAE, yet recycling rates remain very low. Your organisation, event or school can help change this by working with Simply Bottles to:

  • raise awareness for environmental sustainability and encourage behavioural change
  • reduce plastic pollution and support government goals to divert waste from landfill
  • help drive a circular economy
  • meet your organisational CSR goals
What We Recycle

DGrade recycles PET or type 1 plastic.

PET is most commonly water and juice bottles, but can also be transparent plastic cups or food containers. 

Look for the PET or 1 symbol on the containter to confirm the plastic packaging can be recycled with Simply Bottles.

Plastic collected through Simply Bottles is recycled by DGrade into Greenspun™ yarn for textile production.

Simply Bottles for Business & Events

Whether you’re a corporate office, hotel or event, you can join the Simply Bottles initiative and we will work with you to ensure your plastic bottles are recycled. Our programs range from basic plastic collection to CSR activities to promote sustainability and engage your employees.  Contact

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Simply Bottles Recycling Partners:

Simply Bottles in Communities

Get rewards for recycling!

We're working with partners to bring recycling with Communities and rewards you for recycling plastic. Look for RVM's (reserve vending machines) near you, we will be launching more locations the comming year.



  • Spinneys, The Villa
  • Carrefour, Al Wasl
  • Carrefour, Arabian Ranches 2


  • ITC, Abu Dhabi Bus Station

Simply Bottles Recycling for Schools

Simply Bottles works with schools in the UAE and Bahrain to educate, engage and equip children to recycle plastic water bottles and support a circular economy. By participating in this initiative schools will help children better understand the impact of plastic pollution and the benefits of recycling.

As part of the program we offer recycling recycling collection, assembly presentations and the opportunity to participate in activities, competitions and clean-ups.

You can also work with DGrade to make your school more sustainable by procuring uniforms and gym kit made by DGrade from recycled plastic bottles. 

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Facts about Plastic & the Environment

Plastic is a versatile and useful product with a wide range of applications. However, when plastic isn't recycled or disposed of properly it harms the environment. Learn more about plastic, pollution and recycling here...

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Participating Schools