Recycling with Simply Bottles

Plastic pollution is a key concern for communities, businesses and governments. Through our Simply Bottles initiative we work to increase recycling rates of PET plastic and promote recycling and environmental awareness through workshops, events and activities.

10 million water bottles are produced every day in the UAE, yet recycling rates remain very low. Your organisation, event or school can help change this by working with Simply Bottles to:

  • raise awareness for environmental sustainability and encourage behavioural change
  • reduce plastic pollution
  • help drive a circular economy
  • meet your organisational CSR goals and
  • support UAE Vision 2021 objective to divert 75% of all waste from landfill

Close the Loop by ordering products made from plastic bottles you have helped to collect!

What We Recycle

Simply Bottles recycles PET 1 plastic - a clear plastic most commonly used for water bottles.

  • Look for the recycle symbol with PET or 1 on packaging to confirm plastic item can be recycled with Simply Bottles.
  • Remove straws and empty liquid or food residue before placing in recycling bin.
  • Plastic collected through Simply Bottles is recycled by DGrade into Greenspun® yarn for textile production.
Simply Bottles for Business & Events

Whether you’re a corporate office, hotel, event or leisure park in the UAE, join the Simply Bottles initiative and we will work with you to ensure your plastic bottles are recycled. Our programs range from basic plastic collection to full packages which include CSR activities to promote sustainability and engage your employees.

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Work with DGrade to make your business more sustainable! DGrade can produce your corporate uniforms, t-shirts, caps, bags and more from the plastic you recycle. Contact [email protected]

Simply Bottles Recycling Partners:

Simply Bottles Recycling for Schools

Simply Bottles works with schools in the UAE to educate, engage and equip children to recycle plastic water bottles which  can be processed into uniforms, PE kits and accessories. By participating in this initiative schools will help children better understand the impact of plastic pollution and the benefits of recycling.

As part of the program we offer free of charge:

  • recycling collection
  • assembly presentations
  • opportunity to participate in activities, competitions and clean-ups

For more information contact [email protected]


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Facts about Plastic & the Environment

Plastic is a versatile and useful product with a wide range of applications. However, when plastic isn't recycled or disposed of properly it harms the environment. Learn more about plastic, pollution and recycling here...

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Participating Schools