Plastic bottles are collected and sorted by type and colour, then washed and flaked. The plastic flakes are heated and melted to produce fibres for yarn production. This yarn can be woven or knitted in the same way as conventional yarn, thus helping to create a sustainable system for recycling 'waste' back into everyday products, such as clothing and accessories.

The Benefits of Our Process

Creating rPET resin suitable for yarn production uses 50% less energy than is needed to manufacture conventional polyester from scratch, 55% few carbon emissions are released and 20% less water is used. We also recycle 80% of the water we use. The key point is we reduce plastic to landfill and prevent new resources from being consumed by using discarded plastic as a raw material for Greenspun™ yarn. Each stage of our manufacturing process has been socially and ethically audited and environmentally certified.

50% Less energy
55% Fewer carbon emissions released
20% Less water used
No oil used in our process