Facts About Plastic & the Environment

About PET Plastic

    • PET1 is the easiest plastic to recycle and the most recycled type of plastic.
    • Commonly used for beverages like water, soda and juice.
    • PET Plastic water bottles are hygienic and re-sealable making them convenient and easy to carry.
    • Plastic PET is lightweight which reduces costs and carbon emissions in transportation compared to materials like glass.
    • Plastic water bottles are safe as they don’t shatter and cause sharp edges when broken, like glass or aluminium.
    • PET bottles are cost-effective to produce.
    • More than 4 billion plastic water bottles are produced every year in the UAE.
    • Less than 6% of plastic is recycled in the UAE.

Impact of Plastic on the Environment

    • Plastic takes hundreds, if not thousands of years to decompose in landfill.
    • 95% of all plastic ever created is still in existence today.
    • Plastic can cause major environmental damage and harm animals when not disposed of properly.
    • Plastic bottles are made from oil, oil is a finite resource and will not last forever.
    • 50% of camel deaths in the UAE are due to plastic ingestion.
    • Less than 6% of plastic is recycled in the UAE, which means 94% of plastic goes to landfill.