What We Do

With increased awareness of the dangers of plastic pollution and the merits of recycling, there is more and more demand for ‘Green’ products and brands.
We offer a complete closed-loop supply chain from design to production and can develop product specific merchandise that fits to our clients brief and budget.

Our Process

Plastic bottles are collected, washed, flaked and sorted by type and colour, then compressed and bailed. The Plastic flakes are heated and melted to produce both long and short fibres for yarn production. This yarn can be woven or knitted in the same way as conventional fabric, thus helping to create a sustainable system for recycling waste back into everyday products, such as clothing, toys etc.

The Benefits of Our Process

Creating rPET resin suitable for yarn production uses 50% less energy than is needed to manufacture virgin Polyester from scratch, 55% few carbon emissions are released and 20% less water is used. The key point is that landfill is saved – CO2 emissions are saved (if burnt) & most of all – we are saving a finite resource in OIL!
Each stage of the production and manufacture of our fabrics, has been socially and ethically audited and environmentally certified. We manufacture through factories with Fair Trade policies and all are WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production) certified so that any waste created during the production process is also recycled.

What are the challenges?

• The U.A.E has the highest consumption of bottled water per capita in the world.
• Whilst it produces some of the highest levels of plastic in the world the U.A.E. currently has one of the lowest recovery rates.
• This is mainly due to lack of education and provision of infrastructure to allow for segregation at source.
• Amongst the worlds cheapest landfill costs, offering little incentive to recycle .
• Ever increasing levels of production to meet growing population expansion and demands through tourism.
• Lack of technical sorting equipment and infrastructure means most waste is mixed and contaminated.
• Fluctuating price of oil means recycled materials can be out-priced and not commercially viable.


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