DGrade Recycling Factory

DGrade’s 4000 square meter recycling factory is located in Kizad, Abu Dhabi.

The factory has the capacity to recycle 1 billion plastic bottles a year. Using state of the art technology from Tomra and BoreTech plastic is shredded, hot washed and separated into PET and HDPE flake.

Our custom built water treatment system recycles up to 85% of water used during the recycling process.

GreenerPET Flake

DGrade produces high quality recycled flake at our factory in Abu Dhabi from plastic collected through our Simply Bottles recycling initiative and waste management partners

We process PET plastic into GreenerPET flake which is suitable for Greenspun™ yarn production and plastic packaging.

DGrade can supply recycled PET and HDPE flake, contact sales@dgrade.com for more information.