Eco Manufacturing For Business

DGrade is a brand based company supplying the highest quality ECO friendly products made from recycled plastic bottles.

What We Do

With increased awareness of the dangers of plastic pollution and the merits of recycling, there is more and more demand for ‘Green’ products and brands. We offer a complete closed-loop supply chain from design to production and can develop product specific merchandise that fits to our clients brief and budget.

The Issue

• Plastic bottles are made from oil, oil is a finite resource and will not last forever!
• Plastic was invented in the 1960’s as a reusable and recyclable material, but it’s cheaper nowadays to make more rather than to recycle it.
• It takes hundreds, if not thousands of years, for plastic to decompose in landfill.
• Plastic water bottles cost more to make than the cost of the water in the bottles.
• On average we consume 275 litres of bottled water per person per year.
• Ever increasing levels of production needed to meet growing population expansion and demands through tourism.
• High contamination levels due to lack of investment in infrastructure making it unrealistic to recycle.
• Fluctuating price of oil means recycled materials can be out-priced and not commercially viable.


95% of all plastic ever created is still in existence today. 0
More than 90% of refuse found on beaches is plastic. 0
It takes 50% less energy to produce recycled Polyester than to produce virgin Polyester. 0
Our process uses 20% less water than producing Polyester from scratch. 0
A million plastic bottles are bought every minute across the world & just 7% of plastic bottles collected last year were recycled. 0

Billion bottles of water are consumed each year in the U.S.A. alone


billion plastic bottles go into U.S. landfills every year.


The U.S generates 10.5 million tons of plastic a year.

The Solution

DGRADE provides a closed-loop supply chain, using recycled plastic bottles to make eco-friendly products.
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